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    Portal behaviour in web direct


      I'm not sure if it is just the theme I am using, but portal scoll bars aren't appearing in Webdirect, while they do in FileMaker. They appear once the user starts to scroll, but otherwise they are invisible. (Using OSX 10.9.4). This is the same in Safari and Chrome. Not all users are realising that, if the number of records exceeds the portal size, there are more records to view. Have others experienced this? Is so, is there a way to force the scroll bar to be visible when the portal isn't being scrolled? If not, does anyone have any good design tips for showing the user that there are more records to scroll through? Thank you for your help.

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          Since these users are on Mac, and the issue is the same in all browsers, the culprit is probably a Mac OS preference. In 10.8 and later the scroll bars are invisible unless the user is actually scrolling by default.


          For the affected users, go to System Preferences->General (top row, leftmost item in 10.8). There is a three-option radio button set labelled "Show scroll bars:", with options "Automatically based on mouse or trackpad", "When scrolling" and "Always". My bet is that it is set to "When scrolling".


          I had a client using Mac OS 10.8 and FMS12 IWP, and he complained about the scroll bars several times until the message sank in. The irony was that the system was going to be used mostly by Windows users.  :-)




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            Thank you, Rob; that was it!