Replacing WebDirect name on login

Discussion created by rforgo on Sep 8, 2014
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Hi everyone, I'm trying to customize a WebDirect solution for one of our business units and I would like to replace the name "FileMaker WebDirect" when the application loads to the name we've given our application. I've been able to suppress the status area and replace the Favicon with our custom icon, and I'd like to complete the branding by replacing "FileMaker WebDirect" with branding of our own.


Specifically I'm talking about the name that appears in the browser window/tab between the appearance of the database file name and the script we have that renames the window. The name appears when the user is prompted to login (see attached image). I was hoping this was just an XML file buried somewhere in the VAADIN folder, but I can't find anything with that coding. Any ideas?