Scripting A New User Custom Web Opener

Discussion created by rsmellette on Sep 7, 2014
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Hi everyone. I am a self-taught convert from MS Access, where I can GUI my brains out on a stand-alone program where the security is a guard at the gate outside of a Hollywood Studio.


On the project I'm working on now - for a film festival, which is fun - I'm having to create a PHP solution. I'll have PHP questions later, but right now, I'm struggling with security.


The objective is to have Submitters create their own User Name and Password. Then they can fill out their header information (Specific to the Submitter) and their Films (One Submitter, many Films). Later, they can sign in to add new submissions or edit current ones.


The problem I'm having is writing an opening layout with a script that will:


1) Differentiate between a Guest User (Sending them to a Create User Name and Password Layout) and Previous User signing in with their established Account Name and Password (Sending them to their submissions only).


2) Use an Add Account Script to create the Account and Send the Guest User to a New Record on the Submissions Layout.


Of course, I don't want to know what the users password is.


If possible, I'd like to keep this in one file - though, I imagine there might have to be a 2-file solution.


I know this is programming 101 for anyone who has taken a class in any kind of data software - but I have a theatre degree.


Can anyone help this poor GUI programmer with some basic scripting?