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    Layouts Within Portals


      I'm coming from MS Access, which is a frustrating change, especially as I'm completely self-taught.


      In Access it is possible to imbed one layout in another, much the way Portals are done in FMP, but with Access the Child Layout can be a Form or a Table. Is there anyway to make the table inside a portal into a Layout?


      I think I know the answer, but just want to confirm.




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          Hi Robert


          You can create a one-row portal, big enough to show a kind of form view. Depending on what you want you can add a key field and a small script to show different related records.


          See the attached example, hope this helps.





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            That doesn't help with something like:


            Parent Table (One):  Name, Address, E-mail 


            Child Table (Many):  Film submission, Run Time, Summary, etc. (10 other fields, some requiring paragraphs)


            I want the user to fill in their contact information, then be able to do several submissions under their name.

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              Attached sample file from a blog posting by Soliant consulting. It was created for either FMP10 or FMP11 - not sure. I mention this because some of the techniques for highlighting portal rows could likely be improved using FMP13 features and/or techniques. I just did a simple open/convert using FMP13.


              I don't think this is exactly what you are looking for, but it might give you some ideas for presenting Parent Data, Related Child Data and selected Child Details.



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                Can you send a screenshot of what you want to do?, it will be easier to figure it out.

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                  I would set this up to be a layout on the user table in which the user could find his or her name/record. They go to this layout. By a script or a find, the user ends up on their own record.


                  Below those fields, I'd create a set of global fields that will take the data for the submissions I'd also create a "submit" button. This button takes all the information from the global submission fields and writes it to a new record in the child table. Those submitted records could then populate inside a portal on the same layout for later viewing.


                  This is a scripted creation of a record in a child table and is a fairly standard way of creating records in a child table based on the parent layout. It allows for the user to make changes all he/she wants to the data before it is submitted, and obviously allows for the cancelation of the information to be submitted.

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                    Mike Duncan

                    Hi Robert,


                    In Access you have subforms, which let you display the contents of a layout (or form) in another layout/form. FileMaker doesn't allow you to do this natively, would be nice if it did...please make a feature request


                    The closest I've come to doing this is using the web viewer to display what I want, even though it's not really showing the contents from another layout. I'm not really sure what you're trying to accomplish, if portals get you close enough or not. For what I wanted, it didn't really involve records at all.



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                      Thanks everyone.  I ended up adding a button to the parent layout that opens a related child layout and putting enough parent info in the header as a reference.  That accomplishes the same thing.