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Discussion created by rsmellette on Sep 8, 2014
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Could anyone else use a whole section on translating procedures from Access to Filemaker?


In Access I found it convenient to make an unassociated (not the right word) form - aka, a layout not connected to a table, aka a dialogue box - so users could create their own complex queries in a simple way. Drop Down Combo Boxes allowed them to pick what they were looking for and go.


Can I do this in Filemaker?


I need to:


1) Create a Combination Value List based on an ID Field and a Text Field with only the Text visible (Text may not be unique, so I need the ID)


2) Create a Layout or Dialogue Box with:

a) A Drop Down Box tied to the Value List (This is a temporary Field, I won't keep the choice)

b) A button that opens a layout based on the user's choice in "a" above.


I could do this in Access in my sleep. I hope someone here can show me how in FMP without losing any sleep.




Signed... frustrated.