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    Include filemaker php api give blank page




      I had developped a web app with Code Igniter and the filemaker php api. this works fine on preprod server. But on the prod server, the line include_once(APPPATH.'libraries/FileMaker.php'); break the php and return a blank page. this is a apache2 server with php 5.3.28 and cURL enabled.



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          Have you checked to see what is reported in the Apache error_log? That should give you an entry which should help you track down the issue - the most likely issue in this case sounds like the file is not at the expected location and cannot be included.





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            Is APPPATH defined on the production server...?


            And is the FileMaker API at the defined location...?


            And does the apache user (probably www-data) have read permissions on that location...?


            To answer these questions I'd suggest that the very top of the php page you're trying to load you add:

                 ini_set("display_errors", 1);


            Which if nothing else will get the error which is generating the white screen output to the screen and you'll stand a better chance of foguring out what the issue is.


            Good luck!


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              Thanks Andrew and Steve.


              I'm afraid that it's a problem with the server config. I have these messages in the apache logs : child pid xxxxx exit signal segmentation fault (11).

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                In that case it's more likely to be an external module of either PHP or (less likely) Apache. You don't say what flavour your server is, but given that it's Apache I'm assuming OS X...?


                Do you have any additional PHP modules loaded through your php.ini...? if so, try disabling them and see if that solves it. Failing that, try the same thing for additional Apache modules which you may have configured to load and see if you an track down which module is causing the fault. If you're lucky you won't need that module, and you can continue on - if not you'll have to look to reinstall/reconfigure that module.


                Best of luck...!