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Need to find the full string based on searching for part of it.

Question asked by madmike6537 on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2014 by steve_ssh

Hello all,


I am trying to find a custom, or built in, function that will allow me to search for a string value, and will return all text including my search string plus any text after it up to a point I indicate.


For example:


If the text I am searching in is:




I want to be able to search for "the" and provide the end value of "~" and it will return "thebigdog".


Here is my ultimate goal of using this, maybe there is an easier way all together:


I have a return seperated value list. I am trying to build a custom function that will delete a value when I input a search string. But, the search value wont ever know the full string of what is being deleted - it only knows part of it. Thats why it needs to be able to search until it hits a return, ideally.


So I might have these values:






I need to be able to pass "two" and have it delete the full string "twoValue"


Hope that makes sense!! I have been working on this for several hours. Here is what I have so far (using a custom function called "PositionValue" which I renamed GetItemRank: which returns the line that the string is on, but I have to get the full string value, which I dont have






rank = GetItemRank ( PropertyList ; Name ; 1 ; 1 );

string = MiddleValues(PropertyList; rank; 1)




Substitute(PropertyList; string; "")