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encrypt - decrypt coding issue with code received - just do not understand it

Question asked by hjvanes on Sep 9, 2014
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Wondering if someone can help me with this one. I rreceived some coding and I just cannot figure it out. Looks simple but I just do not get it.



It has a gAlphabet field which you are supposed to be able to set whatever 32 character code you want. An expiration date is entered and the decrypt number should equal the number string generated .


The number string generated is based on the expiration date.


I was given one 32 character length and that will work on any expiration date you enter....the number string will equal the decrypt number.


But when I want to change the gAlphabet 32 characters to something else, they no longer equal


I simply cannot understand the calculation used to decrypt to be able to get the same result regardless of 32 character combination used. I do understand how it encrypts it but use of the 8 Char fields but not the decrypt.


Any person able to have a look at it for me and figure out what I am not seeing please. I would greatly appreciate it and thank you.