Is it possible in FileMaker to add new form controls dynamically?

Discussion created by NewBR on Sep 9, 2014
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Our enterprise database includes a functionality to allow end users define additional fields which are dynamically added to our field application, allowing to each user group to have a unique version of field application. Even custom valid values are allowed for these dynamic fields, so they show up as different form controls (drop down list, radio button, check boxes etc.).


Is something similar possible in FileMaker?


Can we allow dynamic customization to our FMGo application forms withut opening them in FileMaker Pro?


I am aware of FileMaker's ability to automatically add new field controls on forms, however it requires me to open my solution in FileMaker and move new controls into correct loaction on layout. Other option is to create placeholders for additional fields, however in our application users could add hundreds of custom fields,


I shall appreciate your thoughts.