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    Webviewer Size in Printing


      I am using a webviewer to show a container filed content in a special size. It's all working great, but now I want to print this webviewer in a list of records. Using a container field, it's possible to select "Removing blank spaces in printouts", so the blank space of the container field is removed in printouts. But with a webviewer this doesn't work. Any help? Thanks

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          Stephen Huston

          What is the webviewer set to show?

          If it's generating any HTML content at all when the container field is blank, then the webviewer isn't actually empty.


          Also, I've not used a webviewer for printed reports, so have not tested how it behaves in terms of reducing size when printing. Because the webviewer is assigned a fixed size on the layout, it's not clear whether it will reduce in the same way a field or merged-text area will.

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            Use this expression in 'Hide object when'

            IsEmpty ( containerField ) and Get ( WindowMode ) > 1

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              Stephen Huston

              That should remove the empty webviewer, but I don't think it will do anything to close up the resulting empty space on the layout for the printout.

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                "but I don't think it will do anything"


                ... but it does.

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                  Stephen Huston

                  That's good to know! I would have expected the hiding function to have no effect when the object was not visible to affect the sliding/resizing print option, but I hadn't had occassion to test it. Thanks for that tip.

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                    Yes, thats good to know, thanks for this.

                    But I want to remove the blank space of a webviewer with content in printouts, as it is possible with container fields.

                    Perhaps details of my client request helps: my client needs to show the images of his products in "realistic size", so if the product width is 20mm, it should be shown with this width in web and printouts. The solution contains a container field for image input, a field for width input in mm, two fields converting this to pt web and printout and two webviewers showing the image in the correct size. I think, something in my html code must be added. It is possible to select "Removing blank spaces in printouts" for webviewers in Filemaker. If this wouldn't be possible, I wouldn't start the discussion. It makes sense, that it's not possible to remove the blank space in a webviewer, but if Filemaker gives this option...

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                      Do you really need webviewer ?

                      FM13 has GetThumbnail() and GetContainerAttribute() functions to resize image.


                      Webviewer has window.outerWidth/Height as window size of parent FM window, not layout object size.

                      So it may not be able to reduce with slide setting.

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                        Stephen Huston

                        One caution when using the GetThumbnail() function has to do with print quality. When one lets the file generate thumbnails, they are normally created at screen resolution, which does not always render nicely for high-quality printouts.


                        On the other hand, that's also the quality which webviewers generate, so they should be comparable in output, and the container functions introduced in 12 offer much more control over resizing and positioning than a webviewer. If you set a calculation to return a container result and use the functions correctly, you can set the container-calc field on the layout at your max size, but rather than centered use the top-align positioning, and then sliding and reducing part sizes should work as with text fields.


                        Keep in mind that the objects both above and below the container also need to be set to slide up during printing to get the full effect to reduce part size.

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                          I'm working a lot with the troi file plug-in to create thumbnails in different sizes for printouts, mailing etc.

                          But in this special case of my client, I thought the webviewer is the better tool.

                          I can solve the problem if I import the image with the originally width and use this container field for printouts.

                          And the webviewer for correct display on the database.

                          But still I am wondering why it is possible to select "Removing blank spaces" for printouts in the filemaker settings for webviewers if this is not possible.

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                            Stephen Huston

                            FileMaker will let you assign some settings in layout mode which don't actually work.

                            • Placing fields from a TO inside a portal row with a mismatch between that field and the portal relationship.
                            • Placing another portal within a portal row.
                            • Setting positioning anchors on multiple objects in such a way that they inadvertently overlap at some screen sizes.
                            • Setting printing/sliding with reduce part size on objects in Header and Footer layout parts.

                            Etc... Somethings just don't work with certain settings, even though FM lets you assign those settings in the Inspector.

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                              Yes, that's right, especially the "reduce part size" on header and footer does not make sense...

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                                Stephen Huston

                                Keep in mind that you can crete substitutes for the Header and Footer, especially for sorted list reports, by using the Leading and Trailing Grand Summary Parts in their places (or immediately below a small Header). Those layout parts do support object/part resizing for printouts.