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FMS 13 - Mac OS 10.9.4 CPU overload

Question asked by marklacy1 on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by techt

1. We recenntly upgraded our MAC Mini Server to 8GB ram and upgraded to Mavericks OS 10.9.4.

2. Upgraded from FMS 12 to FMS 13 v4

3. We have 10 workstations runing WIN 7 or 8 with FMP 13.3


Problem: Several times a day there will be a system "freeze" for all the clients, the server si still working but the activity monitor shows the CPU usage will go to 120% and stay there for about three minutes. The users solutions will not respond until the CPU useage drops.


We are having trouble to trace the cause of this spike in CPU processor usage. We did not have this problem when we were on the previous OS runing 4MB RAm and FMS 12.


Anyone have any ideas?