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      I am able to find several resources and training through individual companies for FileMaker. These are excellent resources. The company I work for has a tuition reimbursement program, but it's limited to university level organizations. Does anyone know of a university level program that includes FileMaker as a learning option?

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          No, I know of a few universities that use FileMaker solutions, but none that teach it. It's not really fit for college level classes since it's so singularly focused (as opposed to something like C++ programming, which lays a foundation for general programming on quite a few platforms).


          There's a massive benefit to your understanding of development in general if you can take a foundation course. Web programming (html/css/php/etc..) or database programming (SQL/etc..) would all benefit your understanding of concepts that can be applied to FileMaker.

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            I agree with Mike, if your job reimburses you, take any basic programming class. Just make sure it's a good school.


            And then take some FileMaker tutoring individually or in a class setting on your own. Or read the FileMaker Training Series.




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              You've validated some assumptions I had already made.  Great ideas, and I'm on my way to work on some of these suggestions for next semester.  I really prefer to learn with specialized training, not in the classroom, but getting a little more well rounded with related courses makes a lot of sense.  Thanks.

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                Would that they could. It's time to start a movement on campuses to have user groups, mini-cons and the like to start training students on such a useful tool!


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                  Mike Duncan

                  Not sure if this one applies:



                  I think I recall there being some mention of this topic at devcon, getting FM taught in classes would also help in it's adoption by more companies.