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Question asked by FireFox on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2014 by taylorsharpe

I have a database with a container field (document) in which PDF's are stored externally.


There is a script that pulls the PDF into a new layout called Correspondence based on a table


named Correspondence. In the past when you ran the script it would dispalay a several page PDF


which was interactive. Now, all I get is a blank page.


There are several companies using this same solution that the script works.


I have updated Filemaker Server to version 13v4 hoping that would help no luck.


I have changed the Container Field settings to interactive and deselected it as well. Still no Luck.


You can export the PDF and it works as it should.


The script is: Set Varible [SDocID; Value:Correspondence::Sys Serial

Commit Records/Request [ ]

if [IsEmpty (SDocID)]

Exit Script [ ]

End if

Set error Capture [On]

Select Window [Name: "Document Preview" ; Current File]

If [ Get ( LastError ) >0]

New Window [Name: "Document Preview " ; Style: Document]

End if

Set Error Capture [Off]

Go to Layout ["Correspondence" (Correspondence)]

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Set Field [ Correspondence::Sys Serial; $DocID]

Perform Find

Move /Resize Window [Current Window; Height: 9 [ F1= Get (WindowDesktopHeight ) ; F2 = if (F1> 1189; 1189; F2 ); Width: 1189* (8.5 / 11 ); Top; 1 Left 1]


I have Filemaker Advanced 13 V 3 connecting to Filemaker Server 13 V 4.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.