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    Interactive PDF


      I have a database with a container field (document) in which PDF's are stored externally.


      There is a script that pulls the PDF into a new layout called Correspondence based on a table


      named Correspondence. In the past when you ran the script it would dispalay a several page PDF


      which was interactive. Now, all I get is a blank page.


      There are several companies using this same solution that the script works.


      I have updated Filemaker Server to version 13v4 hoping that would help no luck.


      I have changed the Container Field settings to interactive and deselected it as well. Still no Luck.


      You can export the PDF and it works as it should.


      The script is: Set Varible [SDocID; Value:Correspondence::Sys Serial

      Commit Records/Request [ ]

      if [IsEmpty (SDocID)]

      Exit Script [ ]

      End if

      Set error Capture [On]

      Select Window [Name: "Document Preview" ; Current File]

      If [ Get ( LastError ) >0]

      New Window [Name: "Document Preview " ; Style: Document]

      End if

      Set Error Capture [Off]

      Go to Layout ["Correspondence" (Correspondence)]

      Enter Find Mode [ ]

      Set Field [ Correspondence::Sys Serial; $DocID]

      Perform Find

      Move /Resize Window [Current Window; Height: 9 [ F1= Get (WindowDesktopHeight ) ; F2 = if (F1> 1189; 1189; F2 ); Width: 1189* (8.5 / 11 ); Top; 1 Left 1]


      I have Filemaker Advanced 13 V 3 connecting to Filemaker Server 13 V 4.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          May be that it's only a typing error, but where did you set the $DocID variable ?

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            The Third line from the bottom "Set Field [ Correspondence::Sys Serial; $DocID]


            I am begining to think that it is a network issue.  Att upgraded our service about the same time this problem occurred.  When I go to the web and search "what is my IP" it now

            returns an IP v 6 address.  Att does not have true Static IP addresses they use what they call a sticky static which goes through another layer in the stack.

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              strangeone ha scritto:


              The Third line from the bottom "Set Field [ Correspondence::Sys Serial; $DocID]

              That is a field setting, not a variable setting.
              Give a look at the 1st and 3rd line of your script.

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                Set Varible [$DocID; Value:Correspondence::Sys Serial]

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                  If your script hasn't changed but the network did then the problem is bit with the script.


                  I can't review it cases I'm on my phone now but I would check what the path returns, aka debug the script.


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                    As written in your post the first and third lines read:


                    The script is:                 Set Varible [SDocID; Value:Correspondence::Sys Serial

                                                          Commit Records/Request [ ]

                                                          if [IsEmpty (SDocID)]


                    In both cases SDocID should read $DocID. If that is just a typo in your post, well and good but if it's in the script … you know the rest.

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                      I thank everyone for their responses but the substition of the S for the $ in, Lines one and three, are the


                      result of my terrible typing skills.  I have debugged the script and it returns just the first page of the PDF


                      i.e. it is not being interactive.  I have checked seetings of the Fields in question and as far as I can tell


                      they are all correct.  I have compared them to other instances of the solution that the containers


                      are interactive and working.  I have insured that the web publishing engine is running and that the pop


                      up blocker in Safari is turned off. Also, I am unable to download a copy of the database from the server. 


                      I am still leaning to the idea that something is blocking the web viewer.

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                        "I am still leaning to the idea that something is blocking the web viewer"… are you using a web viewer or the field itself?


                        In any case, I suggest trying:


                        1.     A new copy of the same container field, to see if there is any change of behaviour

                        2.     An entirely new layout with 1. above, to see if there is any change of behaviour


                        Sometimes these odd things are result of the much fiddling and farting we often do, leaving behind some bug or other. You know what they say about computers and restarts; it sometimes works at this level too.

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                          I am helping Mike with this problem.  The problem is not the script, it is the behavior of the container field.  We have about 20+ of these systems out there (it is an SBA solution) and most all of them work just fine.  But a couple of them have had this behavior.  We can copy the same script and same layout from other working databases and it won't fix it.  We have compared all of the Inspector's Data tab formatting (Reduce/Englarge image, Alignments, Optimize for settings.  We make sure they are the same in two different solutions and it works in one and not the other.  And using FileMaker 12 or 13 gets the same behavior.  What is weird is that in other places in the same database, the container field is rendering as expected with PDF interactivity. 


                          I personally think there is a bug out there that hasn't been fixed because I've seen this happen before.  While rare, I often can't find a problem.  Solution often has been to delete and recreate the layout copied from another of the same solutions and that sometimes fixes it.  But it certainly does not explain it.