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Web Direct Layout Rendering

Question asked by mrosenhek on Sep 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by jpierson

I'm finding some small annoying things with the way Safari is rendering solutions via Web Direct. I'm including some screen shots to see.


#1 is the way check box sets are displayed. I have tried various sizing but what I see is crap.

The value list contains a asinge value "1". However, I don't want it to display. Looks fine in FMPro/FMG but not in WD. All I want the users to see is the box, NOT the value of "1". BTW, these are repeating fields. Also note the line under the signature (bottom of layout) is actually a bottom border of a container field. Lines up nicely in FMPro but not in Web Direct. I'm thinking to just draw a line instead. It's hard to tell where text bject will appear in Web Direct; very annoying. Any advise?


The bold text at bottom looks better now that I seperated it into 3 objects.


FMPro or FMGo looks like this


#2 is the way check box sets appear, in Web Direct.


If anybody knows how to make this stuff look the same in both platforms, I will be very grateful. Thanks.