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    Web Direct Layout Rendering


      I'm finding some small annoying things with the way Safari is rendering solutions via Web Direct. I'm including some screen shots to see.


      #1 is the way check box sets are displayed. I have tried various sizing but what I see is crap.

      The value list contains a asinge value "1". However, I don't want it to display. Looks fine in FMPro/FMG but not in WD. All I want the users to see is the box, NOT the value of "1". BTW, these are repeating fields. Also note the line under the signature (bottom of layout) is actually a bottom border of a container field. Lines up nicely in FMPro but not in Web Direct. I'm thinking to just draw a line instead. It's hard to tell where text bject will appear in Web Direct; very annoying. Any advise?


      The bold text at bottom looks better now that I seperated it into 3 objects.


      FMPro or FMGo looks like this


      #2 is the way check box sets appear, in Web Direct.


      If anybody knows how to make this stuff look the same in both platforms, I will be very grateful. Thanks.

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          Read my blog post here, there is no way to change the defaults, but there are ways to hack it so the checkboxes don't combine together.



          First thing you should do is use separate layouts for WebDirect, you can go even further and make separate layouts for each browser. Separate layouts will allow you to make adjustments for WebDirect that will not affect your desktop layouts. Your layouts seem simple enough that it will not add a lot of overhead to your database.


          A lot of WebDirect rendering is at the mercy of the browser and NOT FileMaker. As a web developer we'd constantly write CSS adjustments for every browser (IE was/is INSANE in the amount of adjustments it takes), WebDirect generally suffers from the same, as it generates it's CSS on the fly.

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            Hello Mike,


            I enjoyed the blog post.  I'm not yet using WD, but I appreciate the initiative to take CSS matters in one's own hands without making any drastic/dangerous changes to what's going on under the hood.  Using the media query for print would seem to be a very safe change.  Great thinking!





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              It was a four day series, so read through the rest to see if you find a few more interesting items as well!

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                Hi Mike, have not had a chance to really read your  blog but I totally get the concept that the browser takes control of many items. The worst thing in this particular solution, is that a check box with a single value in it's valule list, displays (at least in Safari) the value. I size the field so that only the box appears without the value. All the users see is a box to click. Works great except in a browser. It just looks bad to have a "1" beside each box in WD (in Safari I should say). There will be mulitple users, using various devices so I'm thinking best to just make the value on the check boxes "Y" or "Yes" instead of "1". At least it will make more sense.


                As for the wraping around of check box sets with multiple values, it may not look great but it still makes sense.


                Thanks for yor response.

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                  Why not just hide the checkboxes completely and use buttons that activate the checkboxes off screen? Using the hide object/ refresh object features you can even mimic your own checkboxes using small images.

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                    A good thought but I have TONS of check boxes and don't really want to address each one. I'm lazy ..... lol. Plus they need to print these forms and if using WD, then they get what the browser gives them.

                    Thanks for the idea though.



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                      Hey, just wanted you to know that the issue of "1" displaying in WD has been recrified. All I did was draw a white rectangle over the offending numbers guestimating the position on the layout (not too hard to do), and brought that object to the front. Looks great now Clugy but effective.



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                        I also wonder whether you could have successfully hidden the text by applying a very large amount of left padding to the text.


                        This is a technique that I recently saw on an excellent SeedCode blog post.   I do not know if it would work with WD across all target browsers, but it might be worth trying out.


                        Best regards,



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                          I also am having a difficult time with webdirect causing tiny blue checkboxes that are too small to tap with a mobile phone.

                          So, I followed the steps outlined here:

                          Creating dynamic buttons (FileMaker Pro Advanced)


                          And, it works great on Filemaker, but when I click or tap, nothing happens in webdirect.  Grrr!

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                            WD buttons must be the top layer (of objects) & preferably no layered objects at all.


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                              I was just having this issue. I wanted only the checkbox without the 1 but WD was showing the 1 in some browsers. I even tried hiding it under a rectangle (bring to front) and that didn't work, it still peeked out. What worked for me was to change the text color to match the background. The check mark will still show since it is a graphic not text. Still not crazy about the little blue box but I guess I can live with it.