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FMP Advanced 12 and DSN

Question asked by planteg on Sep 11, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2014 by planteg

Hi all,


here is the context:


Operating System: Windows 7 Pro

FileMaker: Pro Advanced 12.0V4


I am in module 11 of FileMaker training series. I am instructed to create a System DSN to the SQL Server demo database. Up to now everything is fine, the DSN works fine.


Then I pick File > Import Records > ODBC Data Source... and my newly created DSN does not show. Looking at the displayed DSNs, I see that they are all User DSN . Is it an error in the course material, a bug in that version of FileMaker, or else ?


Then I created a User DSN and manage to import the data as instructed. Going to Manage > Database... Tables tab, I found strange things:




What are tables with information in Italic ? I looked into the database pointed to by the DSN, and these strange tables are in that db. I must add I tried a few times importing from that db, that may explain why the tables are listed more than one time.