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Field Definition and/or Validation Bug?

Question asked by anthrob on Sep 11, 2014
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  • I created a Text Field with the validation options: "Maximum number of characters" coupled with a "Display custom message if validation fails"
  • I subsequently duplicated that Field and edited the original Field (not the duplicate[s]) UNCHECKING the "Maximum number..." validation and DELETING the "...custom message".
  • I replaced the "Maximum number..." validation with a "Validated by calculation" with a NEW "...custom message".
  • However, when testing my edits those initial validations PERSISTED — "applying" the "Maximum number..." validation and DISPLAYING the "...custom message" I had DELETED.
  • In situations like this I usually assume I have done something stupid and I double checked and verified that I had, in fact, deleted the two items discussed, that I was referring the right Field in my Layout, etc.
  • Eventually, after finding no obvious explination, I deleted the Field in question and all my duplicates of that Field and started from scratch — new Field, new "Validated by calculation:, new "message".
  • Only then did the PERSISTENT validation and message based on "Maximum number..." disappear.
  • What???
  • The persistance of those deleted options appears to me to be a bug.
  • This is either a BUG or I am missing something.