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    Virtual Triggers - What's the value?


      While at devcon I attended Todd Geist's session about modularity. At the time I didn't get the full scope but since the release of session recordings I've had the opportunity to review it more thoroughly. I was very intreigued by the concept of virtual triggers but have failed to realize their merit. As far as I understand, the technique allows more opportunities to create a trigger for scripts. In the demo file http://www.modularfilemaker.org/module/monthpicker-v2-0/ here he uses on object exit and enter to fire triggers, my question is why wouldn't validation logic be included in the normal course of the script as an if statement? Thanks for the input.

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          The use of these is based on what you want to accomplish.  As an example, I use an OnObjectExit script trigger to make a Popover modal.  If the user clicks on the the main layout the OnObjectExit script is triggered.  If a Global variable has a value,  the script keeps the Popover open.  When the user clicks one of the buttons on the Popover a script runs doing the work required, clears the Global variable and closes the Popover.


          Using validation on a field probably wouldn't do this,  or it would be more difficult.