Script - safes two find searches and then deletes the search finds

Discussion created by Steven_FL on Sep 12, 2014
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Here is the data to explain my solution I'm looking for.

  • In Form View with the roller of the mouse you flip from one record to an other - great.
  • In List View you scroll the page up and down. - great
  • In List View you scroll down or up from one record to another.

I want a script that does:

  1. I have found 50 records out of 10'000
  2. Click on script:
      1. Copy record Id

      2. Enter Find Mode
      3. Paste record ID
      4. Perform Find
      5. Show as List view (Like this I can scroll and have only one record. - works great)
      6. But when I go back I lost the search of the 50 records.


How do I get back to same search result under point 1?