resurrection of a suspect system

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Sep 12, 2014
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Hello everyone,


I have been dealing with a filemaker solution for years that has a corruption in it... occasionally there are records that appear blank (they used to appear with question marks in all fields prior to version 13, but since upgrade to 13, all fields are empty)


Various menthods ave been attempted to recover the file, only for it to re-appear with the same problem over time.


Now, most of the time, eveything runs well, but then, randomly and thankfully rarely, a record goes blank.


So, part of my plan to save this system from getting worse is to built a new file, just with a single table in it, which will contain just the same fields as the original file, but this table will be used from now on in order to enter data - in other words, a data separation solution, just for the one table which is problematic. All links within the original file will be changed to point to the new table.


But here is my $64,000 question.

When it comes time to create the new file, with the new table (for the data only), how safe do you think it would be to copy and paste the fields from the suspect one into a new file/table???


I realise the ultimate "safe" way to do this would be creating all new fields from scratch, but typing them in one at a time will take a LONG time, is copy and paste safe enough in this situation?