Adding a Form to an Invoice

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I am new to filemaker and I trying to understand how to add a credit card authorization form to a Filemaker Starter Solution Invoicing Database.




I tried the following with no success.

First I tried added a table occurence add created a layout without out fields and have text with information such as name, credit card number, etc.

I got an error that there is no records.


Then I tried make the Title footer larger where it is two pages long and that did not work because the paper size.


My question, is there a way where you can add the credit card form to the created invoice which will be emailed. Append PDF maybe.

I don't understanding Variable. Does it have to dump the file first and than append the pdf with credit card form.


Please help me to understand how it works or help me understand how to achive this goal.


Thank you all for all your help!