Deployment of multiple instances (in several cities)

Discussion created by francishunger on Sep 13, 2014
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I've programmed an CRM solution involving so far FM 12 Adv and one host and 4 peers in one office. It may be soon that my client moves forward to expand to other cities. I'm thinking about the options to


A) Deploy an individual solution at each office (decentral solution)

+ smaller amount of data per database results in faster finds and scripts

- difficulties and higher costs in deployment and updating, since all installations have to be handled individually


B) Central deployment on filemaker server

- large amounts of data accumulate fast when used with 5 or more cities

+ easier update process


There would be many things to discuss, but I would like to focus on speed questions: If I would prefer Option B, the most likely way to go would be a login at the beginning with user names accociated to cities. Now in every layout I'll have to constrain the found set to the particular city, the same for scripts and maybe even with some formulas. This is, where I fear performance problems. If on every operation a constraint must be calculated, what would you suggest would be the best way to implement that (Relation/Layout-Script-Trigger/ ...) ?


Thanks in advance!