Barcode Creator - Scanning & Naming Photos

Discussion created by ramirezp6856 on Sep 13, 2014
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I have recently invested in Barcode Creator by geist.


So far, I can print out a sheet upon sheet of barcodes. Two things are a little convoluted:


1) At this point, I have a mass amount of barcodes created and stored in a table. Now I want to the user to be able to scan a barcode and have it automatically assigned to a specific product.


For instance,

a user selects "object" >> then selects "scan barcode" >> barcode is assigned and associated with barcode number.

Should I create a relationship with Barcode table and Product table via barcode number?


2) Upon the user taking photos of an object, filemaker automatically generates a name for the photo following the naming convention "barcode number"-"instance number". ( i.e. User takes first photo of a vase with barcode number 1000 then the photo would be called 1000-1 and each sequential photo would increment the instance number "1")


I do not have a clear idea at this point.


I really am trying to replicate the method shown in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2y2KXAyo8k


Thank you all for all the support up to this point.