Problem. Went to backup and lost connection to container fields

Discussion created by martinc on Sep 13, 2014
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FMS13 on windows


I was working on our file and accidentally changed a field rather than create a new one. There were no users in the file so I thought the most recent backup would be an easy fix.

Closed the file. Copied the most recent backup and dragged that into the hosted file folder. use the admin console to open the file. Looks good but all of my containers lost the connection to the referenced photos stored on the server.




The photos are on the server in various folders. The containers now have an incon that says <missing xyz.jpg>. The folder path does not seem to match the path that in defined in

the actual photos are here:



I'll upload the container settings that (used to) look at the photos. they dont seem to match. I tried to add "FilesCBLinc" to the open bueno.

Has anyone seen this? Should I just move the photos folder?