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    FMS 13 Failure


      Good Morning,


      I am using the Develper License for FMS 13 fully updated.


      OS 10.9.4



      After renewing my membership I reinstalled FMS 13 with all updates and ebertything works OK for 1 day. If I reboot the next day or any time during the first day everything FMS fails. Database Engine, WB Engine and Admin Console all do not work,


      The only way to get started again is to unintall FMS and reinstall.


      From what I can see my Licebse Key did not change after renewing my membership.


      Any ideas ?



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          What kind of errors do you get in the fms event log?

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            I get an occassional error like this in OS X. Sometimes I have to reboot 2-3 times rather than reinstall.

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              I had trouble with the admin console deployment on a brand new iMac; FM support suggested I needed to (1) uninstall FMS, (2) switch off Firewall and any virus detecting software DURING FMS INSTALLATION, then (3) reactivate one the installation and deployment was completed. That worked. Might for you too.

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                I am still having this same issue.


                I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times doung as suggested in the replies.


                It seems that  FMS processes  are not restarting after a reboot.


                If I run the command below in Terminal after rebooting or starting the computer I can get it running.


                "sudo launchctl start com.filemaker.fms"


                I have not had his problem running any other versions of FMS and this only startied after renewing my memebership.



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                  I am having the SAME issue! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Rebooting several times usually has worked, but today nothing worked. I'm reinstalling for the third time in less than a month!




                  P.S. Just reinstalled and went to deploy and got an error message saying that localhost could not be found. I know Apache is running.

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                    Hi barenose


                    Using the following in Terminal seems to work but is certainly not what is needed.  For some reason FMS does not restart as it should.


                    "sudo launchctl start com.filemaker.fms"



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                      Hi Greg and others,


                      I almost got the same problem today.

                      After restarting some services where not available (e.g. fmsib for progressive backups and the connection to Apache).


                      It seems to me to be a timing error at launchtime. It seems not to happen if the option "reopen open windows after startup" is NOT selected.

                      I had the admin console still open in Safari when I tested last and found that Safari and the call to the admin console are launched before all process from FileMaker are loaded and running. Got the warning that fmsib was not running correctly and the indicator for the Web Server in the Admin Console was grey.


                      After manually restarting (fmsadmin restart fmsib) in Terminal, everything was fine.


                      Just an idea...




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                        Re: "It seems not to happen if the option "reopen open windows after startup" is NOT selected." I wonder if you are onto something, Volker. Once I got FMS properly deployed (see my previous post above) I have never had a problem. I also by choice do not have this restart option checked because I find it annoying. Perhaps the two are connected.

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                          I thought it was a timing issue as well, but that's not the case. Has anyone from FileMaker weighed in on this?


                          Also, can everyone say which OS they're using when they post. It could be helpful. I'm running Mavericks.