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Printing a rotated container in FileMaker 13

Question asked by on Sep 15, 2014

I have found a problem that occurs in FileMaker 13 that does not occur when using FileMaker 12 for the same file and data. I have developed a solution that is used to print signs for an up-scale supermarket chain. The signs includes container fields to print scanned images and the chain's logo. The logo is a transparent PNG. I have layouts with the logo in standard orientation, and others with the logo rotated 90 degrees and 270 degrees. Using FileMaker 12, I can print successfully with the logo rotated at 0 degrees (normal position), 90 degrees (pointing down), 180 degrees (flipped upside down), and 270 degrees (pointing up). If I use the same files and data under FileMaker 13, the logo completely disappears when printed at 90 and 270 degrees rotation. It prints just fine at 0 and 180 degrees.


I did test FileMaker 13 using a BMP version of the logo, and it did print correctly when rotated. I have temporarily solved my problem by creating the logo in a 90 degree rotated version, but I feel that there is a problem in FileMaker 13 that causes this issue.


Has anyone else experienced this problem?




Bruce Kaffenberger

The Computer Connection, LLC

Baton Rouge, LA