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    Programmatically create DB fields or DB tables?


      I have a solution that is mostly stable on the data side (separation model) so most of my updates occur on the interface. On occation, I do need to add a new field or tablet to the solution. This means that I have to do an export / import to update a client or manually add the appropriate tables or fields overnight (after a back-up has run).


      Given that a few minor additions to the DB schema are a lot quicker than export / import (hundreds of thousands of records each in dozens of TOs), I usually elect to manually update the schema. The question is, though, can this be automated? On SQL Server, I could write a script that creates the appropriate tables etc. Can something similar be done on FM (that I have somehow missed)?


      Supporting a few installs is not that big of a deal, but supporting dozens or even hundreds of installations becomes a nightmare without the ability to "Script" the DB updates.