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My First Experience of FileMaker.... HELP!

Question asked by jpaeng on Sep 16, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2014 by ibrahim_bittar

So i'm setting up an invoicing system for my new company on File Maker, previously it was all excel based, however I need to drag them kicking and screaming toward a quick easier system to speed up the whole process and also make it far easier to check customer status and payment records.


I have no need to pull all the old invoices across although I appreciate that I could... but I am not going to put my self through that.


Anyway.... I started off using a FM13 Template, used the walk through guide and edited each page to what we needed as a company. This was all very simple. This is where is becomes a ball ache, if you pardon the expression.


So I thought I'd finished, my boss walked in and we started looking, it all looked very impressive, I showed him how quickly the new invoices can be entered by entering the next invoice to be done, I click on the print button and up pops a preview with all the values in $'s... WTF??


I have changed all the currency values from $'s to £'s... and yes I do mean ALL, even on the charts that are generated. I've double check this. What is going on? Why are my invoices being shown in $'s when all the values on my screen are showing £'s


Then another problem occured... I have inserted a .pdf company logo. This shows in the print preview yet when I actually press print I get a nice blank space where it's meant to be.


Help me!!! I've spent like 3 hours trying to sort this out, nothing on the fourm is helping, the support button just crashes the programme when clicked and I can't find any reason why either of these problems are happening....




Thankyou in advance you beautiful people...