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    My First Experience of FileMaker.... HELP!


      So i'm setting up an invoicing system for my new company on File Maker, previously it was all excel based, however I need to drag them kicking and screaming toward a quick easier system to speed up the whole process and also make it far easier to check customer status and payment records.


      I have no need to pull all the old invoices across although I appreciate that I could... but I am not going to put my self through that.


      Anyway.... I started off using a FM13 Template, used the walk through guide and edited each page to what we needed as a company. This was all very simple. This is where is becomes a ball ache, if you pardon the expression.


      So I thought I'd finished, my boss walked in and we started looking, it all looked very impressive, I showed him how quickly the new invoices can be entered by entering the next invoice to be done, I click on the print button and up pops a preview with all the values in $'s... WTF??


      I have changed all the currency values from $'s to £'s... and yes I do mean ALL, even on the charts that are generated. I've double check this. What is going on? Why are my invoices being shown in $'s when all the values on my screen are showing £'s


      Then another problem occured... I have inserted a .pdf company logo. This shows in the print preview yet when I actually press print I get a nice blank space where it's meant to be.


      Help me!!! I've spent like 3 hours trying to sort this out, nothing on the fourm is helping, the support button just crashes the programme when clicked and I can't find any reason why either of these problems are happening....




      Thankyou in advance you beautiful people...

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          For future reference: please give your post a meaningful title (e.g. “problem with currency display”), avoid the word "help" in it, and stick to technical descriptions, if you can help it …


          This will help other people with similar problems to locate the thread (if they bother to use the search function) and quickly find out if it is actually pertinent to their problem.

          jpaeng wrote:

          Why are my invoices being shown in $'s when all the values on my screen are showing £'s

          Be aware that you should store your amounts as numbers – i.e. in a field of type number without adding any pre- or suffixes – then use formatting tools to display them as currency.

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            Meet the Inspector!  When you print I think it goes to a new layout. Perhaps you managed to configure the fields to display pounds on the Invoice Details layout, so you may already have discovered how to change the field to display currency using the Data Formatting Inspector. The thing is, this only affects specific instances of a field. You now have to do the same thing with the fields on the printed invoice layout too.


            Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.14.33 pm.png

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              Although the Invoices starter solution is great as an example of how things can be done with FileMaker, it's not precisely safe. I mean, you still need to add a security layer to the file in order to make it suitable for production, i.e.: defining who can delete invoices, remove the "Delete all records..." command from the menu (or make it accesible only for admin users), etc.


              I hope you enjoy this experience. In my case, I've been using FileMaker since 1992 and I've made my career out of it.