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Object Visibility in FMP 13?

Question asked by cgarch on Sep 16, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2014 by jormond

I recently upgraded to FMPA 13 and have run into a hitch. I have searched the layout and printing forums but have not found a relevant discussion. I have a door hardware schedule that I built some time ago in FMP 11. In the portal rows I have two objects (for triggering scripts) that are set under Object Visibility to 'Hide when printing' - seems simple enough. In FMPA 12, in Preview Mode, the objects do not show. In FMPA 13, in Preview Mode they show. When I go to print a PDF, the supposedly hidden objects are there - not in the FMP 12 versions of the PDF. This seems stupidly simple but what I am I missing? There's nothing fancy in this setup - no scripts to trigger/toggle visibility. Whatever I'm seeing seems to fly in the face of a longtime predictable configuration option. Bug?


Screenshots attached:

1 Layout mode with selection

2 Preview in FMPA 13

3 Preview im FMPA 12


Craig Gaevert

Santa Rosa, CA