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    Object Visibility in FMP 13?


      I recently upgraded to FMPA 13 and have run into a hitch. I have searched the layout and printing forums but have not found a relevant discussion. I have a door hardware schedule that I built some time ago in FMP 11. In the portal rows I have two objects (for triggering scripts) that are set under Object Visibility to 'Hide when printing' - seems simple enough. In FMPA 12, in Preview Mode, the objects do not show. In FMPA 13, in Preview Mode they show. When I go to print a PDF, the supposedly hidden objects are there - not in the FMP 12 versions of the PDF. This seems stupidly simple but what I am I missing? There's nothing fancy in this setup - no scripts to trigger/toggle visibility. Whatever I'm seeing seems to fly in the face of a longtime predictable configuration option. Bug?


      Screenshots attached:

      1 Layout mode with selection

      2 Preview in FMPA 13

      3 Preview im FMPA 12


      Craig Gaevert

      Santa Rosa, CA

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          I just made a test file with FMP12 with a button that should dissapear when printing. I created a themed layout and a classic-theme layout. Everything works as expected. (tested on a mac and win).


          Check: is there another object lying around/under it?


          Try: placing a new object on the layout and setting it to do not show when printing.


          Good luck!

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            Negative. This is a plan vanilla layout - no themes, none of that stuff. If I add an object, in this case, a plain old circle in the portal row, check 'Hide When Printing'  it remains visible.


            I did try placing an object directly in the layout and not in the portal - it behaves as expected - it is only objects placed in portal rows that are doing this.


            Thanks though.



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              Stephen Huston

              I am running FMPA 13.0v3 on OSX 10.9.4 and am unable to replicate your problem. Items within portal rows which are set to Hide When Printing are disappearing correctly in preview mode.


              Check that your button object is actually within the portal row, not just ON the portal row. Keep in mind that you cannot rely on the arrow keys for repositioning objects which touch the portal row edges; you need to actually move them manually into the row and then adjust them.


              Your objects look as though they may be too tight/large for the row, and may be touching some row edges.

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                Nope - doesn't work. I enlarged the rows and made certain the object is not touching any edge and it is still an issue. If I copy-drag the object out of the row and into the body area, it 'hides' correctly in Preview. Again, it works correctly in 12, but not in 13.0v3 . Also tried saving out a compressed copy - again no change. And just for grins, I checked a different file - same exact problem. Thanks for looking.


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                  Stephen Huston

                  How about if you take the copy you placed outside of the portal, delete the object on the portal, and then drag the one from outside inside manually (no arrow keys)?


                  Is there a chance this object is a grouped object? I recall a lot of buttons involved grouped objects in old versions of FMP, but they don't always convert cleanly.


                  Which OS/version are you using when this happens? As I noted, I can't reproduce this problem on my system, so curious if it might be an issue only on a specific OS.

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                    Delete and copy back into the portal row does not work.


                    Object was grouped - after ungrouping, all pieces were already set for 'Hidden'. Reconstructed new - same problem.


                    I have the same problem in an unrelated file - selecting a text field and setting to 'Hide when printing' does not hide.


                    FMP 13.0v3, Mac OSX 10.9.4, same as you. Would you be interested in looking at the file on your machine? I'll attach


                    Edit: I created a new test file from scratch - it has the same problem.


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                      It does seem you have uncovered something FM should take a look at. Using same version and OS as you I can replicate the problem in a test file of mine as well as on your file in some circumstances, as follows:


                      1.     It only happens for objects within a portal

                      2.     Set to list view, the object will appear in the portal in one record on the page (usually the first, but not always) but not the others

                      3.     Still in list view, still in preview mode, navigate to another page of the report and back again—sometimes the hidden objects will be visible on one of the records on the next page also, but not necessarily the same record each time

                      4.     In form view much the same happens—hiding will work on most records but appear on maybe one, usually the first but not always

                      5.     Still in form view, still in preview mode navigate to another page then back again—objects that were visible are now hidden

                      6.     After a bit more fiddling around in my test file the problem went away completely


                      It all seems to add up to inconsistent behaviour. I suggest you submit a bug report to FM.

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                        I was seeing the problem in Windows 7, FM 13v3. Though on that layout I am seeing it in every portal row.


                        What's really interesting, if I go to the original layout with the same name, sans the "Copy"...those hidden object do NOT appear in Preview Mode.

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                          I posted the item as you suggested over in the Bug Report area (or what appears to be the bug report area) of the normal support forums. PhilModJunk posted this suggestion:

                          A workaround that you can use in FileMaker 13 is to put the following expression into the object's "Hide Object When" setting:

                          Get (WindowMode ) > 1

                          Of course it took a little hunting to understand where one is supposed to enter this but it does work (new feature to me). But I think my original point stands - one shouldn't have to go to two locations to fix something that worked fine in 12. Thanks to all that looked and pondered this issue.

                          FMPA 13 Vis Fix.png

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                            Have since discovered that this problem is listed in the known bug list, http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/ad61a7e781?commentId=288577#288577. Should have looked there first.



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                              Ok then. That explains why it works on the one layout properly and not on the other.