Issue with WebDirect report /  SubSummaries only (no body)

Discussion created by appdev on Sep 17, 2014
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Anyone seeing an issue with WD sporadically not displaying all the data for a report that is based on subsummaries only (no body)


Seems to work great sometimes and then all of a sudden will only display some of the records and then stop returning data (no errors shown). Running a Refresh script step does not change results. Sometimes if you just leave the page there (for 10 minutes or so) then it the data will finally display. Same reults in Chrome 36 and IE 11 and latest FF


FM client and iOS run report fine every time. Beefy 2 server farm, no load on server as we are not in production yet. Procs at <5% and memory < 20%


I saw an article from a while ago (2013) with a couple folks having issues, but didn't see anything after that, so assumed it was resolved.