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Bonzai ExecuteSQL, Global Variable Problem

Question asked by lkeyes on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2014 by lkeyes

Hi....I'm working through the virtual list problem on page 6-60, Ex. 39 in the Advanced FileMaker training.


Per the exercise instructions I created the following script.




Set Variable [ $$Array_SalespersonTotals ; Value:ExecuteSQL (

"SELECT Salesperson, Count(Salesperson), Sum("Total")


WHERE DateOrdered>=? and DateOrdered<=?

GROUP BY Salesperson" ; "|"; "¶" ;

Date (1; 1; Year(Get(CurrentDate)));


) ]


Set Variable [ $$Another_Global; Value:"My Variable Contents" ]



Upon examining the results in the data viewer, I see $$Another_Global, but don't see $$Array_SalespersonTotals. I'd expect to see the global variable at least, even if their was an error in the Execute SQL statement so it returned a value of '?'.


Any ideas why this is isn't working correctly?