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HTTP Status 404 error in container fields with PDF content - FM12

Question asked by johnbuckingham on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by johnbuckingham

Today started well. Then, about 11:00am, a client called and said that some PDFs were not displaying properly. I looked 'over his shoulder' (vnc) and saw what he described with some containers looking OK & others showing the error (see attachment), but as we scrolled through records, the situation worsened to the point that we could no longer find any records displaying PDFs properly. All other filetypes, where the display is usually as document icon, appeared fine - just PDFs...


I took down the server and 'recovered' all the files. No errors were reported.


No change on re-loading and re-enabling FMServer 12 (on OS X 10.9.4 Mavericks)


I uninstalled the FMS12 and after restart, did a fresh install & uploaded the files; no change in content visibility.


It's now 4pm, the company is at a standstill and no orders can be dispatched so I left the system online and started looking at the front end.


On one of the layouts where the problem was visible, I changed the container field's optimisation from 'Interactive' to 'Images' and browsed to find that the file content is being displayed properly. Not 'as required', but 'properly'.


It was the work of three minutes to resolve for all layouts, for the time being. But they do want the interactive optimisation.


Does anyone have any suggestion as to what switches may need to be thrown to get this back 'as required'.


And where's the nearest sympathetic publican?