Running a script from a web viewer

Discussion created by DavidZakary on Sep 17, 2014
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I need to run a script from a web viewer when the user clicks on an image. Using the FMP:// format. Been looking at the PDF from Tony White as reference.


The file is local on the user's computer. It could move to a hosted format in the future but it'll be a while.


The webviewer displays a series of images, each with an HREF applied around them. When the script fires I'm getting an error that the "File Could Not Be Opened (Not Found)". OK, so that's an error with my file path. Was also getting an error about the maximum number of licenses being exceeded. Seem to have fixed that one though.


Any suggestions as to what I should be changing to get this working. This is the URL that I'm trying to open. It will change in the future as I'll have to pass parameters. Right now I just need to get it firing properly.


"FMP://" & Get ( SystemIPAddress ) & "/" & Get (FileName) & ".fmp12" & "?script=scriptname"