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    Currency code issue


      Dear FM PPL,


      I hope this can be done in a very simple way.


      Currently my soltuion is designed for the Australian market meaning currency code is $.


      My solution can also be used in other countrys. However the currency symbol needs to be changed according to respective country.


      Is there a way that this can derived based on system settings?


      Currently the totals field and other amounts field have the currenncy symbol all set at $....but there must be an easy way that the user can have this amended depending on the country they are in or systems settings.



      I do appreciate any answer and help given on this and thank you in advance.




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          Hi hjvanes (I'd greet you by name if you'd put your name on the signature )


          Unfortunately, FileMaker only controls thousand and decimal separators when you activate the Use System Settings checkbox, however, you can use a currency table and let the user choose one.


          In our case, we have customers who use more than one currency so in general is not a good idea to lock the solution to one single currency.


          Along with this message you'll find attached my currency table, feel free to use it as you wish.


          Best regards



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            If you are referring to the default symbol whn you wish to format a number as currency (see screenshot), as far as I know that will always default to $—probably because FM is developed in America—and I know of no way to change that. You can certainly change it yourself to whatever symbol you prefer (option/alt + 3 will give you £), but be aware that this only affects a single field instance.


            If you want something to apply to all fields that display currency you probably have to look into doing that programatically—maybe a matching text calc field that adds the currency symbol.


            Oops! left out th screenshot … 

            Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.12.59 pm.png

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              The currency, decimal and thousands separator, date and time format used by FileMaker depend on the system settings the file is originally created on. This is is not user changeable.


              To change the currency permanently make a clone of your solution and open it on the target system (never open it anywhere else before).


              To test this, send a clone of a test file to a customer in his country. Tell her/him to open it, make some data entry and return it to you. If you open it again it should show the new formats.


              You may need a special FileMaker release that supports the appropriate region.


              If all else fails you may send the file (or a clone) to me to have it changed for a fee.







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                Otherwise you need to make a calculated field to make it dynamic. A royal pain, but it works. I've done for years.


                Now I don't use currency symbols. Instead I use the ISO code for each currency, for example GBP for Great Britain Pounds. Same information, no overhead.

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                  Stephen Huston

                  For multi-country runtimes, I use a preferences table where the user can set the symbol they wont to use, and then use a calc or merge-text to place it in front of the formatted number field (which does itself not include any currency symbol formatting). This way the user can set their currency of choice once in the preferences interface screen, and it appears everywhere in the file on the currency fields which I have set to show the currency symbol.

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                    OK,  thank you for all the replies.


                    Ibrahim....my name as I did sign off is HJ.   Hope that helps.The currency table idea was a good one and I did put it to use regards the solution in place.


                    Winfried.....I did think of that as well...but that would end up being a slight pain for the user that travels.  But do appreciate your feedback


                    Stephen....Like Ibrahim, the table idea was put to use.  You further suggested for me to be able to use a calc or merge text to place in front of value.  This idea in turn led me to flash a light bulb (figuratively speaking) in my head.  In the end, what I came up with was using the table, in conjuntion with having written a function.  Every field that uses a currency value would be incldued in the function along with the country in which they were in.  Depending on the country selected, the appropriate currency would display and be assigned to the value field as a consequence of the function used.  In addition to this, I further included in the table the relevant decimal/comma to be applied dependent on the country selected.


                    Thank you guys and I do appreciate the help into this.