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    FMTEMPFM*.tmp Files in AppData/Local/Temp

      We're experiencing a problem with FMTEMPFM*.tmp files in the /Users/username/AppData/Local/Temp folder. They are not in the S11 folder... Some of the files were in the gigabyles and others not as large.


      I can't seem to find out much about the files and why they are not purging when FileMaker Pro launches.


      Is FileMaker Pro creating those or a plugin?


      Why aren't they deleting when FileMaker Launches?


      Thanks for any assistance with this!

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          That's the naming convention for temporary files that FileMaker pro creates.


          They are probably not deleting because they're in the wrong place.


          the .tmp extension might indicate that they were incomplete exports from FileMaker. EG if I exported "hugefile.pdf" to a temp location, it might read FMTEMPFMhugefile.tmp until the export field contents script step completed, in which case if might read FMTEMPFMhugefile.pdf.


          Unless you can prove your database is saving to the same errant location for all users all the time, I would think it's resultant of an incomplete or failure action. FM may not check for these files so it might be something you need to add to your regular maintenance routine.

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            These files are created by the FM app whenever it opens. Just the app opening will create at least one file that I have seen. As you open a database, it creates more of these. It seems to at least do one per FM file, but it might even be more than that.


            This applies to hosted files as well as local files by the way. Think of these files as cache.


            I know that over the years, FM has flipped around with some operations being performed on the server and some local. I have a tech note that back in the FMP8/9 time frame, doing things like lots of searches on unstored fields would cause the TMP files to grow quite large.


            Normally, the TMP files are removed when the FM application quits. If the FM application is quit abnormally, it will leave these files behind and subsequent re-launches of the FM application will NOT clear them out. Quiting abnormally could be the app crashing or the user force quitting it. I suppose this could also happen if you had FM open and rebooted/shutdown the machine. During the shutdown process, the OS might have to force quit the FM app if it wasn't behaving.


            In my testing on Mac OS, rebooting the computer will clear these old files out. Not sure on Windows.





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              Updated info.


              Just tested rebooting on Windows and the old TMP files did NOT go away. This was using FMPA 12.0v3 on a Windows 7 64bit Professional OS. I can't test FMP13 right now on Windows, so don't know if it is any different.


              Also did a little more testing with FMP13 on Mac OS to confirm what I remembered. The FMP13 app itself seems to be very good at detecting orphan TMP files and cleaning them out when it is re-launched after a crash/force quit/etc. The whole TMP folder gets cleaned up when you reboot on Mac OS. This was tested with FMPA 13.0v3 on Mac OSX 10.9.4.



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                Thank you for all the details. We ended up creating a shutdown script to run the Disk Cleanup to purge the temp. This was on three terminal services servers... All those FMTEMPFM*.tmp files really added up... But now it's self cleaning.