Keyboard issues after IOS8 install

Discussion created by sechrisman on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by BeatriceBeaubien

I'm running FM13 and installed iOS8. Was excited about the swiftkey keyboard, so installed that too. Current issues are:


1. Keyboards are staying on screen. For example, i go from a text box (w keyboard) to a field with a drop down list --the keyboard is still on the screen. I can touch the field to get the drop down list, but that is an extra step and buggy.

2. Sometimes only half of the "phone keyboard" shows up and is not functional.


I've disabled and removed swiftkey from the list of keyboards, but so far the same issue. So i'm not sure if it is iOS8 or the install of swiftkey.


I'll report back when I do more testing, but wanted to get this info out.


Anyone else having issues?