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    Portal problem on refresh


      I have a layout where I have 2 Portal,

      the portal p1 show items related to the layout selection

      in the table of the p1 I have a Global field where I set the value of the item selected(K46) in p1 and this global field is linked to p2 table.

      the portal p2 show the right data but I lose the focus in the selected field(K46).

      It seem the refresh of p2 causing this but how I can return the focus to the field where I clicked ?

      When I open the file from Filemaker Pro it work but from a Browser with WebDirect it does not work.

      See attachment.

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          Do you mean that you want your cursor to be in the selected (with red) "K46 field"?


          I you are running a script, set a variable in the beginning of the script that detects the Portal Row Number:

          Set Varialbe [$PortalNb = Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber ) ]


          At the end of the script, insert those 2 scripts steps:

          Go to Field: "K46 field"

          Go to Portal Row (by calculation) : $PortalNb


          You coudl use script trigger in some instances.

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            I tried your solution without success but I forgot to give a detail

            The cursor stay in field of portal when I use the file from Filmaker Pro but when I open the file from Browser by WebDirect it does not work

            I joined my example in the first post

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              I this didn't work, you can try a longer solution:


              Give the portal row p1 a name: for example "p1" (in the inspector -- Position window)


              Then you can insert at the end of the script:


              Go to object : "p1"

              Go to Portal Row (by calculation) : $PortalNb

              Go to Field: "K46 field"


              Hope that this will help in your WeDirect solution



              If not, try adding a script trigger (on Object Exit) that returns the cursor to the wanted field