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    WANTED: Full Time FileMaker Programmer


      Love FileMaker?? So do we!! Our company, Sweetwater Sound, (www.sweetwater.com) is growing like crazy and that means the need for someone to manage all things FileMaker here at Sweetwater is a big deal for us. We're looking for a talented FileMaker wiz to help us with design and development of both new and existing FileMaker databases. This would involve areas such as program changes, screen designs, layout modifications, reporting needs, implementing new features and modules, writing and testing code, integrating data with systems outside of FileMaker, and writing technical documentation.

      The ideal candidate would be very familiar with FileMaker versions 10-13, detail oriented, and have the ability to solve complex problems. Having a good business head on your shoulders and coming up with user-friendly design and development ideas will also be a plus.

      Interested candidates will need to relocate to our headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN and should apply at the link below and send a resume and cover letter to jordan_applegate@sweetwater.com

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          I know you guys have been looking for a few months now. Have you considered outsourcing the work to a consultant in the meantime? Relocation is a tough sell for a lot of FM developers, and a lot can be accomplished by remote consultants in this day and age.


          Just asking since Ft. Wayne is a stone's throw from a number of filemaker consultants. Good luck!

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            I don't Mike. FW is a cool place - been there many times, especially the Genealogy library. My dad's ancestors are co founders of Adams Co. to the south . If I could get someone to:

            Pay off my house

            Pay moving expenses


            I'd move in a heart beat...



            -- sent from myPhone --

            Beverly Voth


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              Hey Mike!  We are still interested in someone working full time and onsite in Fort Wayne.   If that changes, I will be sure to ping you.


              Hi Beverly.  Yeah Fort Wayne's new library hosts the nation's largest public Genealogy collection.  Glad you have checked it out.  What an awesome peice of heritage you are tied to. Very Cool!    Unfortunately, we don't offer relocation in the form of paying off homes.  However, we do offer moving expenses.   Let me know if things change on your end! 


              Anyone interested or wanting more info, feel free to email me at jordan_applegate@sweetwater.com





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                Hi Jordan,


                There's really no need to have someone be onsite most of the time. I speak from experience. When I worked as a CTO last people keep coming up to you with questions, issues and I could barely get any work done during the day. So I ended up staying late or working from home at night.


                We do remote work now. Go visit people, spend a few hours to a few days, collect the requirements, see how users interact with the system, make recommendations and come back, sit down and work on the tasks. We have a clear project management system so people can see what tasks are in the pipe, what's being worked on and what's done and ready to test. It's much-more cost-effective, in my opinion and a winwin for everyone.


                Something to ponder.


                I'm in NJ. Could hop on a plane, spend some days and take it from there.





                PS: I just bought a vintage turntable. Now I'm getting into real quality sound. :-)