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      Is there an arrow button that I can use in FM13? All I see are rectangles.

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          There is not a button that is an arrow. The buttons are rectangles, but you can do many things to get a button to be an arrow:


          1. Import an arrow graphic. turn it into a button. You can even change the hover and pressed state as a button would behavior by filling the picture with a different design for each state in teh inspector.

          2. Place a standard button. Give it a line of 0 points and fill it with your arrow graphic.


          Okay. that's two that I know of off hand. If you need further details let us know.


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            I usually use a third method. Actually all lead to the same result.

            I find that this method gives more flexibility.


            - Import any image [arrow and any other image] (even png images, and even transparancy, are now supported in Filemaker 13).

            - Put a button BEHIND the image, reisize it to fit your image, and give it the following characterisitics: Line - None // Fill - None

            - You can then play around with the hover and the press appearences.

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              Another way is using text as button.


              Very easy but not so beautiful...

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                Stephen Huston

                All good ideas.

                There are also quite a few fonts that support a variety of styles of arrows, and they can be resized as text.

                or text as crude as

                >>>  |  <<<

                can be used on fully-transparent button objects with text styling and different colors for different states.


                It's all a matter of how much work you want to do with text or graphics to get a specific result.