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    Import Data from old system


      I am looking for a method to capture data from a report which can be opened in TextEdit (see attachment).


      When I import the this form into FileMaker it creates a record in a single feild for each line.


      The information that is required falls between the 2 read squares on the left side ; Risk and Totals.

      This schedule comprises 3 pages and can vary between one page and 9 pages.

      Also on the attachment the top 2 items will be used as match felds for teh import of the schedule.


      I woudl appreciate any ideas on how to tackle the above.

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          You would have to import the entirety of the text into a single field in filemaker, then use various functions to "scrape" the data you need into fields.


          Daniel Shanahan has a nice video on web scraping



          Around ~13:00 is where he starts to get into extracting values out of a text block, in this case HTML, but could be applicable to your needs.


          As long as the format is the same on all of your txt files, then this could be scripted to run on a large number of records.