Manage Layouts - Open with found set issue

Discussion created by mwallen on Sep 19, 2014
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I have a button on our layouts that triggers one script step "Open Manage Layouts". This opens the Manage Layouts window where users can choose the layout they want and then click open to open a new window using the newly selected layout and current found set.


In FileMaker 11 this would open the layout in a new window using the current found set. Now after converting the to FileMaker 13 it opens using all records, not the current found set. We use this to find one person, then want to go to a special layout to print a special letter. It was very effective in FM 11, now worthless in FM 13.


Is this the new "normal process" in FM 13, if so, then this is worthless.


With over 40,000 records and over 300 layouts, this process worked perfectly in FM 11. Now in FM 13 we have no easy way to switch layouts with the current found set.


You can test this for yourself on any file. Open the file, choose a small found set, Go to Layout mode, select Manage Layouts, go back to browse mode, select a different layout using Manage Layouts. In FM 11 you will have the same found set, in FM 13 you will have all records.


Does anyone have any thoughts on why this has changed in FM 13?


Mike Wallen

Systems Admin

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