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FileMaker has stopped working error

Question asked by rgordon on Sep 19, 2014

I have a print script that has worked fine in every version of FileMaker prior to 13. When using FM 13 and FMS 13 users are suddenly getting the following error, "FileMaker has stopped working error" when the script is running. The script is fairly simple. The user selects the pages they want to print in a global checkbox field. They can select up to 10 pages. Each page is its own print job. The script has a series of If statements to check if a page has been selected. If it is checked, the page is then printed. Most of the pages are current record but two of the pages involve a go to related records step with Records being browsed. Sometimes all ten pages will print and then the error occurs. The error usually occurs if more than 5 pages are selected. I added a 1 second pause after each print job. This seems to help a little bit but the problem still persists. The users are Windows 7 users and this is occurring in multiple installations. No FileMaker 13 only script steps or features are involved in the script. Has anybody come across this issue? Any insight in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated