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    Launch FMGo from WEB




      Is there some way I can get FMGo to launch into a FMDataBase off a weblink. I'm trying to avoid my deployment from having to direct the user to input server settings in FMGo preferences.



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          Stephen Huston

          You could distribute a launcher file to Go users. The launcher file would have the network address in it and open the target file on the server when it is used.

          Brief outline of the scripting for the file:


          Triggers in launcher file:

          • OnFirstWindowOpen: close file (this file)
          • OnLastWindowCLosed: Open Remote File script


          Open Remote File script:

          • Open File (embed the correct network address for the hosted file on the server, from an External Data Source saved in the opener file)


          Distribute the opener. When opened, it closes itself and opens the target file without requiring any user interaction to identify or reach the server.

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            From a web page you could use a link such as:


            fmp://myserver.com/mydatabase.fmp12 or

            fmp://xxx.xxx.xx.xx/mydatabase.fmp12 (where xxx.xxx.xx.xx is the IP address of the server)


            You can also provide a username and password (be careful with this) by putting username:password@ just after the fmp://