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    FMP13 memory leak bug


      There is a FMP13 memory leak bug, which occurs during the import of large files. This is a major bummer, as my clients on FMP13 cannot import their data into a new set of files.


      The workaround is to use FMP12 to do the import.


      My question is:


      "Assuming the import process does not utilize any layouts that were created using FMP13 nor any programming code which only exists in FMP13, will using a copy of FMP12 to do the import have any adverse impact?" Of course, after the import is done, the clients will then revert to using FMS13 and FMP13.

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          Stephen Huston

          Opening a file modified by 13 in v12 without hitting any 13-modified script or layout requires some careful work:

          • being sure the file was last closed before hosting on a non-13 layout
          • that there are no trigger or startup scripts from 13 in the file options or the default closing layout as well as any scripted layout changes which will be invoked during the login for the import.
          • It's unclear exactly which things FMP13 and FMP12 attempt to change in a file during opening, but with it served on 13 the risks should be minimal as 12 should simply not recognize any 13-feature items, as opposed to 13 actually trying to modify some items which were written in 12.
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            Does anybody have any idea when FileMaker is going to fix the memory leak bug?



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              Well, for starters, has the bug been reported? If not, the answer to "When?" is "never".  :-)

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                I was told by Filemaker that they are aware of the bug and do not need any more files for testing




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                  Does anybody know if the  Software Update: FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 fixes the memory leak bug, which occurs when import large files with the FMS12 containers enabled?