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How can I fix a damaged theme that is causing all white elements to print as dark gray?

Question asked by jgalt on Sep 20, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2014 by disabled_JohnWolff

I have a solution that our company has been using for over a year. This morning we started to have a strange issue. All of the layouts parts that have white backgrounds started previewing and printing with dark gray backgrounds. (They look normal in browse mode. When I try to edit the backgrounds the color picker tells me that they are still white but when I preview them or print them they are gray (the sames as if the background was set to be transparent). One common thing that I've noticed is that all of the layout having the issue are using the classic theme. I am assuming that this theam has somehow become damaged. Does anyone know how to repair this?


I tried running a recover on the file but it did not correct the issue. So far the best solution that I have found is copying all of the items on the layout, changing the theme, and then pasting the original items back in.