Limitation on Field Validation Unique Value

Discussion created by glorifindal on Sep 19, 2014
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Hi there,


I'm hpoing someone can provide some clarity on the subject of Field Validation with Unique Value selected...


I have a string which is comprised of 2 object names and a UUID ...

It turns out that only when I cut down the number of characters to 120 does it work ...


Does this make sense ? Is the Unique value being checked against the index?


At the moment I am using the following calc to ensure Uniquness (I know that it is nowhere near perfect)


$$ & "|" & Left( Object1_Name ; 35 ) & "|" & Left( Object2_Name ; 35 )


The Object_Names can easily be over 60 characters - therefore the problem.


I use them in an import function - where the import string ( as given above above) has to be unique within the import set ( defined by the $$ )


Does anyone have a suggestion?


I could do the Unique value check per script AFTER the import, but with an import set of 8000 + records, this takes too long.


Any ideas greatly appreciated...