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    Unable to set field to Center Align (text)


      Cannot set field to Center Align even though all appropriate text formatting options are set to only have center align. I've also tried changing the style and resetting the formatting options again but no luck. I tried copy-n-paste a center aligned field from another solution but it won't stay that way once in the solution I am currently building. Do you suppose it could be the theme's "style sheet" is overriding the settings I set using the Inspector? Any other ideas? I attached a screen cap of my settings. Also, I am using FMPA 13.0.3 on a MBP retina with OS 10.8.5.

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          Stephen Huston

          I see you already checked the Padding, which is often the issue when this seems to go wrong.


          How is data entry formatted for the field -- is there a value list setting? Some of the options for displaying input options from value lists do not respect non-left alignments. If it is not set to simple "Edit Box", try that and see if your alignment behaves. If that's the issue, you have to pick which is more important — entry type or alignment.

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            I note your field/object is still a modfied default style. Try creating a new text object style—and don't forget to save the theme change also—and se if that helps.

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              Appreciate the response Stephen. I did check the data entry format and it was just simple edit box.

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                Thanks for your suggestion as well. I tried it but got the same result. I got to thinking; this solution has quite a few layouts, surely I can find at least one field that truly was centered. So, I searched for awhile and finally found one. I copy-n-pasted this field into the layout in question, and presto, the alignment remained intact! So, problem is "worked around" though I wish it was "solved". You would think this little irritant would be simple to fix.

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                  I note you have a custom theme (ADs) but guessing from the glimpse of layout visible in your screnshot I wonder if this started as an adaptation of a Classic theme. If so, this could be a source of problems. As I have noted on another thread recently, Classic is really a non-theme, intended to simply leave untouched any layouts in a file upgraded from ≤FM11. If you are going to build a custom theme it is best to first change to a "real" theme and then go from there—or better still, build a new layout from scratch.