Anyone know Amazon's API to pull seller's report from Amazon into FileMaker

Discussion created by wrwaugh on Sep 21, 2014

I have a client who sells products on Amazon. He uses Filemaker to keep track of all of his business activities.


In order to process orders for products sold on Amazon he must download a .txt file from amazon and import it to FileMaker. Then after shipment is made he must export a .txt to return to Amazon for tracking purposes. While this works, it involves a few manual steps and the conversion of data from the Amazon .txt to FilMaker is problematic especially when dealing with special characters in foreign names (umlauts, tilldes, etc).


I know the ability exists to pull the information directly into FileMaker from Amazon, but I do not want to charge my client the time needed for me to research and set this up for my client. I am happy to pay a developer who has already done this to set it up for me.


Please let me know if you have succesful experience with this.