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    Trying to callback the xy position of a dragged object to FM from webviewer


      I have a webviewer displaying drawn svg shapes using the raphael js library


      what I am trying to do is send the start XY corodinates back to my filemaker database after the shape has been dragged to another location on the paper/canvas


      I have heard that there is a function called "callFM" in FM13 but have no idea how to use or where to put it in the script/html


      I have just started learning java so Im not great at explaining what i need in technical terms.


      I have added a screen shoot of the drag calculations and the objects (highlighted) if it helps


      many thanks in advance


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          Hello Shae,


          Great stuff that you are getting into.


          I believe that the piece of information that you want to learn about is the FMP URL protocol, and how it can be invoked from a webviewer to trigger a script within FileMaker (including passing parameters and setting script variables).


          Over the years there have been some wonderful blog posts about this.  I am sure that if you read one or two of these, you will learn the techniques you need (and more) to move forward with your current endeavor.


          I'd suggest doing a google search for "Filemaker FMP URL protocol"


          Look for posts by people such as the following:


            - Brian Schick

            - Jason Young

            - Todd Geist

            - Tony White

            - Chris Ippolite


          (Apologies if I've left anyone out or mis-spelled a name.  I am going from memory right now.)


          You needn't read everything written by the above people, but if you were to pick out one or two relevant articles, you'd be in great shape.


          HTH & best,









          Mike Duncan (who often posts great answers here at this forum) has a blog post on this topic which I'd highly recommend for you:




          Mike's article covers what you want to learn without going off the deep end in terms of showing off all the possibilities that are open.


          I think his article would be a clear, well-written means for you to be introduced to this topic.





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