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Calculation failing for one record only (fine for all others)

Question asked by karenf on Sep 23, 2014
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I have formulated a calcuation to add the number of shelves belonging to a particular department in a particular room to give rise to the total number of shelves belonging to the one said Department:




Room A

User 1 (Dept A): 6 shelves

User 2 (Dept B): 1 shelf

User 3 (Dept A): 2 shelves

User 4 (Dept A): 2 shelves


The total that the calculation should give for Dept A is: 10


My formula is described below:


Sum ( If ( ${Admin CERCAR Requests }::Department = "DeptA" ; ${Admin CERCAR Requests }::#DeptA_Shelves ; 0 ) )


The above formula works for all records bar one. There is nothing different about this record. It was created exactly the same way as the others and holds nothing special.


Can anyone offer any suggestions as to why the issue is arising?