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    Webdirect Stylesheet bugs ?


      I have the following problems with Webdirect and stylesheets - can anyone confirm or give a hint ?


      a) left alignment for buttons does work, as long as it is hard formatted. As soon as I put the left alignment in the stylesheet, the button text gets centered. Right alignment does not work either in a stylesheet.


      b) underlignment for hover effects on links in a stylesheet leads to underlignment of the text all the time.


      c) stylesheets for tabs hardly have the wanted effect in Webdirect at all.


      Screenshots show the differences for buttons and links.

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          Yes, I see the same problems - especially with tabs. However, I've seen samples Where tabs render properly in WeDirect, so it is possible. It seems to depend, in part, on how "clean" the CSS is. I'm about to try deleting all other themes to see if I can get my desired theme to work.

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            Are you getting the same behaviors in different browsers?

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              exactly the same wrong appearance in Firefox and Safari - both latest - so it´s no browser but a FM issue





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                Charlie Bailey

                I can confirm this behavior as well. There seem to be specific formatting properties that don't render properly in WebDirect. Button text alignment seems particularly finicky. I have had success getting button text to behave by using styles that are local to the object. I get very precise control over the placement of the text on the button that obeys the vertical and horzontal alignment. However, once those local styles are saved to the theme, I lose control of text placement on the button and it "defaults" to top left when rendered in WebDirect, (even though the button renders as expected in FileMaker Pro).